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How to Create Windows 8 Bootable USB Drive from ISO Image

Guide to create Windows 8 bootable USB drive from an ISO image. Easy step-by-step walkthrough on installing Windows 8 with a USB drive. Following are the instructions to create a bootable Win 8 USB drive, so you can install Windows 8 without any disc. Naturally, to ... ...


Install OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion in VMware in Windows

iHackintosh guide to install OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 in a virtual machine with VMware, Windows 7 host. After spending hundred’s of man hour poking around the “Hackintosh” community and overcome a few quirks along


Guide to Make OS X Mountain Lion bootable vmdk

Step by Step instructions to create OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 Bootable .vmdk to Install Mountain Lion in VMware, Windows host. This article explains how to create a bootable OS X 10.8 mountain Lion .vmdk


Install Snow Leopard in VMWARE 7 Windows Edition

How to install Snow Leopard in VMWARE 7 and Windows host ? Virtualization of Snow Leopard (Client) is not officially supported/allowed by any virtualization solution. However a few modifications to the .vmx file and



Guide to Migrate Data From Windows XP to Windows 7

If you are upgrading your Windows XP to Windows 7 and caring about files and settings stored in your existing XP installation, follow this step by step guide to migrate data from Windows XP


Windows 7 Powershell

Windows PowerShell 2.0 & Windows 7

Powershell is a command-line shell utility and associated with scripting language from Microsoft. Power Shell supports Windows XP SP2/SP3, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008. The latest version of PowerShell is Windows


Windows 7 Ultimate activated with OEM master key

Hackers cracked  and permanently activated Windows 7 Ultimate RTM Final Version. Once again hackers wins the cat and mouse battle game from the Redmond giants. A group of Chinese hackers used a leaked Windows 7 Ultimate.iso OEM version


How to install Windows 7 on a virtual hard disk (VHD)

If You want to test Windows 7, without impacting your current installation of Windows XP or Vista on your desktop? A possible solution is: Boot from VHD. Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Image Format trained