Jailbreak your iPhone

How to Downgrade iPhone 3GS OS 3.1 to 3.0 With Cydia SHSH

As promised earlier, Saurik made iPhone 3GS Downgrade/Restore to 3.0 possible. Today Saurik posted on his blog in a more detail about this hack, for Saurik post click here. The hack is useful for

Grab and get Signed your ECID for iPhone 3GS OS 3.1

Good news for those who accidentally upgraded their iPhone 3GS to OS 3.1 and they didn’t captured their ECID signature dump files earlier, Props to iH8sn0w for find a way to provide the ECID

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS and OS 3.1 Latest Update

Apple makes jailbreaking the iPhone 3GS hard n hard by introducing ECID, Dev team and Geohot advised the iPhone users to capture their ECID, iBEC, iBSS 2 months ago and we published how to

iPhone 3GS Coming to INDIA on 9 August

Airtel and Vodafone are scheduled to bring iPhone 3GS to the Indian market in first half of August’09. According to Apple new iPhone 3G S is the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet.


Update iPhone OS 3.1 Jailbreak Unlock 2G-3G-3G S

it was predicted Apple released iPhone OS 3.1 if you haven’t download yet, then download your copy from here. OS 3.1 contains a baseband update 5.11.04 BB for iPhone 3G and 3GS. If you are

FAQ RedSn0w for Unlocking and Jailbreaking iPhone 2G and 3G

Dev team replaced QuickPwn with RedSn0w though it’s easy to use comparing to QuickPwn still many peoples reports some problems using RedSn0w. I have collected some common problems which users getting during their Jailbreak/Unlock



Upgrade and Unlock iPhone 3G 2.2.1 With Custom Firmware.

As you may know the 2.2.1 firmware update contains a baseband firmware update (02.30.03) which is not compatible with yellowsn0w. Means if you upgrade your iPhone 3G 2.2 to 2.2.1 your baseband also upgrades