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Apple Tries to Block Sale of Galaxy S III in the U.S.

Galaxy S III was officially launched last week in several countries around the world, but the U.S. launch date is June 21. Samsung folks are doing their best to bring the terminals in U.S. stores as soon as possible, while Apple lawyers have sent a ... ...


Siri Communication Protocol Exposed : Can Run on Any Device

Applidium engineers reverse engineered Siri’s communication protocol. Since Siri was introduced, hackers around the world have been looking for a way to break Apple’s security and port it to other devices. What does this


Siri is a Threat to Google : Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, Google chief executive, has defended before a committee of Congress antitrust United States that the new voice assistant introduced by Apple in the iPhone 4S, Siri, is a competitive threat in the

Siri coming soon to an iPhone 4 near you

At first it was thought that Siri was meant to run on a single A5 processor, Hence the Dev Team said it was not so easy to port to iPhone 4, because to install