Jailbreak your iPhone


Redsn0w to be Untethered, Hitting iDevices this Christmas

Musclenerd today, just confirmed that the next gen redsn0w which will work on geohot’s limera1n will make 4.2.1 untethered. For the folks who have 4.2.1 on their idevices and have jailbroken already will not have to restore their devices, since the new redsn0w will just require a re-run redsn0w ... ...

iPhone/iPod Touch Jailbreaking Unlocking is Legal or Illegal

In the US, it is 100% legal to unlock your phone no matters if it is iPhone or any other phone. In case of iPhone, you have to jailbreak it first to get

itunes 8.2 jaibreak error

Jailbreakers Stay With iTunes 8.1.1

It’s an update monday Apple released iTunes 8.2 in Software Update, supports iPhone 3.0; QuickTime 7.6.2  & GarageBand also patched. iTunes 8.2 is not supported current versions of QuickPWN and Pwnage tool. This means you can’t jailbreak



iPhone OS3.0 Jailbreaked, Confirmed and Available (Non Dev Team).

Earlier official iPhone Dev Team posted a snapshot of Jailbreaked iPhone OS3.0 to make us confirm that OS3.0 is Jailbreaked 🙂 .  But it is not unlocked yet 🙁 Dev team is waiting for


Installer 4.1 for iPhone / iPod Touch is Available for Download.

RipDev Announced installer.app version 4.1 with various bug fixes. Installer is a software installer for Jailbreaked iPhone / iPod Touch. The Installer was the first 3rd party applications installer for iPhone and iPhone Touch.


Cydia Store is Open Now | How to Purchase / Install App From Cydia Store.

Here we go, Saurik Announced the opening of Cydia Store A.K.A. unauthorized iPhone app store. Why Cydia, because Cydia offers some very useful applications that you likely will never see from the App Store.


Installous, Install’s your Cracked App by Crackulous.

Last time we talked about Crackulous a great & free application to crack your existing Applications into Decrypted IPA once you got your IPA then to install this file into another iPhone/iPod Installous is


Crack any iPhone App with Crackulous for jailbreaked iPhone only.

If you are tired of  SSH hacking for cracking iPhone App,then Crackulous is for you.Crackulous is an Free iPhone App Cracker by Hackulous.us,& someone at crackulous.net selling this application at 10$.Crackulous is the successor