Jailbreak your iPhone


Planetbeing, Pod2g Find Two Vulnerabilities for iOS 6 Jailbreak

Today Pod2g and Planetbeing exchanged messages on twitter that give us hope that the development of a public Jailbreak is in positive mode. According to both hackers, they found two new vulnerabilities but are still missing the initial code execution for a public jailbreak release. Hopefully, ... ...


Planetbeing Clears the State of the iPhone 5 Jailbreak

After the release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 jailbreak community remained silent for some time giving a general concern for its future. The famous hacker planetbeing posted a comment at Reddit and


RedSn0w Receives Massive Update With Restore Feature

The iPhone Dev-Team has just announced RedSn0w 0.9.15b1 to public. Latest update brings numerous new features including the ability to restore to older firmware not being signed by Apple. You can now select from


The iPhone 5 Has Been Jailbroken in 24 Hours

Grant Paul aka chpwn, a popular jailbreak developer has already jailbroken the iPhone 5! iPhone 5 was jailbroken within 24 hours of it’s release. chpwn posted following images of iPhone 5 on iOS 6


Jailbreak iOS 6 GM With Redsn0w (Tethered)

Redsn0w 0.9.13dev4 to Tethered Jailbreak iOS 6 GM running on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 4 on Windows & Mac OS. Warning : This is a tethered jailbreak, every time your iPhone or


Download Redsn0w 0.9.13dev3 to Tethered Jailbreak iOS 6 beta 3

iPhone Dev Team immediately responds Apple iOS 6 beta with a new special version of redsn0w specifically dedicated to iOS 6 beta release. Here you go with redsn0w 0.9.13dev3, tethered jailbreak for iOS 6


Underachiever : Delete all Recorded Scores in Game Center

New day new Cydia Tweak, Underachiever is now available in Cydia and its main function is to provide option to quickly delete all scores available in their Game Center account. Tweak is the most


Redsn0w adds the option to enter DFU without pressing any button

We were asked many times how to put the iPhone into DFU mode without pressing the Power Home or damaged home button, especially with iPhone3G, 3GS. Earlier it wasn’t possible but today  iPhone Dev


Downgrade iOS 6 Beta to iOS 5 for iPhone

Downgrade iOS 6 Beta to iOS 5 with Redsn0w (Mac and PC) for iPhone3GS,iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 3G and 4G. The tutorial only works with iOS 5.0.1/5.1, do


Ultrasn0w Unlock Now Supports iOS 5.1.1

Besides Redsn0w and Pwnage Tool, iPhone dev team also updated Ultrasn0w unlock, the tool to unlock iPhone is now fully compatible with iOS 5.1.1. iPhone Dev Team’s iPhone 4, 3G, and 3GS software unlock,