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Palm Pre Get iTunes Sync Again : webOS 1.1

Recently Apple updates iTunes from 8.2 to 8.2.1 for disabling Palm Pre sync to iTunes. Now it’s time for Palm to push a new update for answering Apple and they did it. Palm pushed webOS to 1.1.0 with bugfixes, battery performance improvements, and UI enhancements. Ahh, ... ...

iTunes Error Messages – What they mean and how to fix them!

Error 1013/1014/1015 This error message occurs when you downgrade or upgrade to a different baseband than the firmware your restoring to has. This message does NOT mean the restore failed – it simply means the

Download all versions of iTunes for Windows & Mac

If you are in to iPhone Jailbreaking and unlocking then bookmark this page because this is the single page where we collected all iTunes from version 7.4 to 8.2 Mac & Windows

Error iPhone is not recognized in iTunes Windows & Mac

Sometimes after updating or downgrading your iPhone when you plugged your iPhone in to your Windows or Mac USB ports iTunes refuses to detect the iPhone with this error message “ iPhone is not


How to Select or Change VoiceOver Language for Individual Songs.

Latest iPod shuffle A.K.A Shuffle 3G has VoiceOver feature, With the press of a button, VoiceOver tells you what song is playing and who’s performing it. It tells you the names of your playlists,


How to Rent a Movie from iTunes Store on Apple TV and Computer.

Apple TV is a kind of digital media receiver device for HDTV. Apple TV manufactured, marketed and sold by Apple Inc. AppleTV can be defined as a network device that allows consumers to use



Apple Fixes iTunes Crash for Firmware Update 2.2.1

It is reported by a large number of users on various forums about the iTune crash after upgrading to 2.2.1,MacRumors has posted an e-mail from the iTunes Store Team sent to iPhone / iPod touch users