Jailbreak your iPhone


iTunes 11 is Safe with Jailbroken iPhone’s

As you know iTunes 11 is now available for Mac and Windows (download here). It is true that iTunes already going to be needed a facelift. Now we have a simple design, quality that leads to abuse in almost all sections. But the development team ... ...


SAM is updated to Unlock your iPhone more easily

SAM, the Cydia application that allows us to unlock any iPhone model with any version of iOS has been upgraded. Latest release made the whole unlocking procedure much easier. Now you just have to insert the SIM that you

iTunes 10.5.2 released by Apple

Last night Apple released iOS 5.1 beta 2 for developers and shortly after that they released iTunes 10.5.2 for all users. iTunes 10.5.2  includes several enhancements and fixes for a problem of the

Apple Releases iTunes 10.5

Apple released latest version of iTunes, just ahead of iOS 5. iTunes 10.5 will be needed to enjoy  of all developments of iOS 5 and iCloud. Following is the official list of improvements included


Download iTunes 10.2.2 | Safe for Jailbreak

Just a few minutes ago, Apple released iTunes 10.2.2. The update does not offer significant additions and limited to bug fixes. MuscleNerd tweeted, iTunes 10.2.2 is safe for JBers (DFU, saved SHSHs, syncing). Safe


iOS 5 and new MobileMe, Apple to Hold an Event in April?

German site Macerkopf.de claims that Apple will host an event in early April, to present iOS 5. Apparently Apple may release the long-awaited upgrade to MobileMe (free lite version). According to folks over Mackerkopf,


iTunes updated to version 10.1.2

With the promise of improving the stability and application performance, Apple just released the 10.1.2 update of iTunes. where only two standing changes, and one irrelevant to users outside united states. Became possible to use


PwnTunes : Alternative of iTunes

Many people do not like iTunes (God knows I don’t) apparently, not everyone wants to synchronize their iDevice offered by Apple way, and yes even with only one computer. PwnTunes is an alternative for


Apple App Store Now Available in a Browser Near You

Two weeks ago Apple introduced  “iTunes preview”, whenever you hit an iTunes link, you’re getting a preview page of the content you’re trying to access. So now when you click on an App Store


iTunes Could not Backup iPhone Because iPhone Disconnected

iTunes could not back up the iPhone because the iPhone disconnected. If you are getting this annoying message while syncing your iPhone ( jailbreaked), follow the methods given below to solve your problem. This