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iPhone 5 Coming in September | Reuters

Another day, another rumor about iPhone 5. Well this time news is coming from the house of Reuters. According to the folks over Reuters, The iPhone May begin production in July, but the phone will not be traded according to the usual annual cycle. September ... ...


Sony CEO Hints 8 Megapixel Camera on iPhone 5?

According to a report by Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, in an interview he had with Walt Mossberg at Carnegie Hall in New York under JapanNYC festival, accidentally revealed that the shipment of sensors


NFC, Aluminum Back Coming to iPhone 5?

Dice Woyke, an entrepreneur who works in a top secret NFC project got a tip from his Apple insider friend regarding implementation of NFC (Near Field Communication) in the future iPhone 5. The only


Photo of an Alleged Front Panel for the iPhone 5

ideal china has photo of an alleged screen frame for the iPhone 5 and thus be an interesting basis for discussion of other rumors released. The idea is that the piece you see here


WWDC 2011, iPhone 5 Scheduled on June 5

Here you go with the very first rumor of WWDC 2011, CultOfMac pointed a suspicious booking at the official website of the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Moscone Center is booked for a 4