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Install OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion in VMware in Windows

iHackintosh guide to install OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 in a virtual machine with VMware, Windows 7 host. After spending hundred’s of man hour poking around the “Hackintosh” community and overcome a few quirks along the way, I have successfully installed Mac OS X Lion 10.8 ... ...


Guide to Make OS X Mountain Lion bootable vmdk

Step by Step instructions to create OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 Bootable .vmdk to Install Mountain Lion in VMware, Windows host. This article explains how to create a bootable OS X 10.8 mountain Lion .vmdk


How to Install OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 on PC | Hackintosh

Guide to Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 on Intel PC, laptop. Vanilla Installation guide to build Hackintosh / OSX86 with latest version of Mac OS X. Apple just launched Mac OS X Mountain


Mac OS X lion on PC, VMWARE and Hackintosh

Apple released Mac OS X 10.6 aka Snow leopard on 28th of August, we published a guide to install Snow Leopard on PC on 26th of August.  Yes you heard it right, we posted

SnowOSX : First Snow Leopard 10.6 Distro for Intel PC

This article will discuss the first “snow” assembly SnowOSX Universal 10.6 v3.4. Distribution is based on the Snow Leopard 10A421 and installed on a PC computer based on Intel processors with support for instructions

How to Install Mac OS X on Dell Inspiron 1525, 1515

Inspiron 1525 is one of the bestseller from Dell Computers. The Dell Inspiron 1525 is an excellent budget notebook with good looks and solid performance. This isn’t a gaming machine, but the 1525 can


Install Snow Leopard 10.6 on AMD PC Hackintosh

What you’ll need: A Gigabyte AMD (890X maximum) or nForce motherboard, ASUS AMD (790X maximum) or nForce motherboard. An empty harddisk, the used filesystem does not matter at the moment A retail Snow Leopard DVD An empty cd

Update Hackintosh (OSX86) from 10.5.7 to 10.5.8

Updating the Hack-i-ntosh or OSX86 install is a very panic process for newbies, so we advise you to make the backup of your system before hitting the update process. If this is the first


How to Read, Understand and Solve Kernel Panic Screen in OSX86.

A kernel panic is an action taken by an operating system upon detecting an internal fatal error from which it cannot safely recover. You may encountered with a kernel panic while installing OSX86 or


How to Back up & Restore Your Kexts Before OSX86 Upgrades.

Kexts, or kernel extensions are drivers that are installed to /System/Library/Extensions/.Kext files often have the “.kext” extension and allow for extra hardware support and and in the case of OSx86, to replace Appleʼs