Jailbreak your iPhone

How to Check iPhone’s Bootloader Version on Windows Computer.

Use the following instructions to find your iPhone Bootloader version using BBUpdaterExtreme and Windows Computer. Bootloader is the code which is run prior to the main firmware and is responsible for loading the main

How to Downgrade iPhone 3G / 2G 3.0 back to 2.2.1

Dev team already warned don’t upgrade to 3.0 wait for Next version of pwn.The Dev-Team warns that upgrading to 3.0 with Yellowsn0w installed will cause people to lose Yellowsn0w and will be unable


How to Downgrade to Firefox 2 in Ubuntu.

Firefox is the beloved web browser of many users across all operating systems, and for good reason: it’s stable, fast, and easily customizable. Or, at least it was. With the release of Firefox 3,