Jailbreak your iPhone

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Video chat coming to the next iPhone ?

  It is rumored that the third version of iPhone will hits the market around this July. Now a patent indicates that iPhone will have the Video Chat Capability very soon. Apple iPhone 3G is lacking of Video chat but some folks find out the ... ...


Windows 7 Product Editions at a glance.

Winsupersite revealed the flavours of Windows 7 Editions.Windows 7 will shipeed in Five version.Windows 7 Starter  for emerging markets. Windows 7 Home  for the average home user Windows 7 Professional for small businesses and



Guitar Rock tour Musical game for iPhone / iPod Touch.

Guitar Rock Tour gameloft (iDP) Category: Games  Price: $5.99 Released: Nov 03, 2008  Size: 149 MB   Seller: Gameloft   APPLICATION DESCRIPTION : The only game on iPhone to play guitar & drums like a Rock God.Described by the press


Installous, Install’s your Cracked App by Crackulous.

Last time we talked about Crackulous a great & free application to crack your existing Applications into Decrypted IPA once you got your IPA then to install this file into another iPhone/iPod Installous is


Crack any iPhone App with Crackulous for jailbreaked iPhone only.

If you are tired of  SSH hacking for cracking iPhone App,then Crackulous is for you.Crackulous is an Free iPhone App Cracker by Hackulous.us,& someone at crackulous.net selling this application at 10$.Crackulous is the successor


Transform GNOME Linux into Mac OSX with texOSX 1.5

TexOSX recently moved to new home @ TexOSX.Wordpress . TexOSX is the best application to give your dying & boring Gnome Linux into a Yankee & Cool OSX style look & interface.texOSX 1.5 is


Google Earth 5.0 is supported with Ocean Imagery.

Recently Google updated Google earth to 5.0 with some very new features.Now Google Earth 5.0 is capable of ocean imagery, historical and touring.The Major update in Google Earth 5.0  is the ocean view, where users can


How to Hard Reset your iPhone/iPhone 3G

Some time it takes a bit long to get response from your iPhone,Some time’s iTune refuses to sync or crashed during syncing most usually after the Firmware update,Some time iphone become sluggish after using


Collection of all iPhone firmware till now – from v1.0 to v2.2.1

The version history of iPhone OS Firmware begins with the release of the iPhone on June 29, 2007. Apple provides updates to the iPhone’s and iPod Touch’s operating system through iTunes, similar to the way that other iPods are updated.The iPhone 3G was released  on July