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80 applications running simultaneously on Netbook with OSX86.

CultofMac reported a wonderful post showing a netbook with OSX86 & 80 running applications simultaneously. It proves the capability of both OSX and Netbook.According to CultofMac “I’ve been trying to determine Atom’s performances with Mac OS X for some time now, and I think this ... ...


Windows 7 runs faster than vista on Netbooks

I have used Vista on two netbooks, and it’s never been good. In fact, Vista has been unusable in both circumstances. Then I loaded Windows 7 onto the Mini 12. Dell Inspiron Mini 12, a


Sony Vaio P Complete review

I’ve had plenty of time to spend with Sony’s bite-sized Vaio P, and now it’s time to deliver a verdict on whether or not the 1.4-pound device really performs as advertised. Sony’s Vaio P managed