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Skype Video Calls via iPhone Coming Soon

Skype announced some time ago that they will announce some important announcements about the video support in upcoming CES 2011. A new support document on the Skype site suggests that video calling feature will be supported in a future upgrade to the Skype application on ... ...


iPhone 4 Unlock Less Than a Month Away?

Sherif hashim, the man behind the 5.14.02 exploit which was used for 4.0 unlock has appeared in the unlocking scene once again. There have been rumors about  unlocks for iOS 4.2.1 . Finally, We got a

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iPhone 4 vs Samsung Nexus S : The Clash of Titans

Google launched Nexus S, successor of Nexus One. Nexus S and is manufactured by Samsung, will be marketed by T-Mobile in the U.S., as the operating system has the latest version of Android and


Unlocking iPhone with BB 06.15 may Cause Random GPS Error

Earlier this week Dev Team releases Ultrasn0w 1.2 Unlock for iOS 4.2.1 and we posted guides to Upgrade iPhone 3G, 3GS Baseband 06.15.00 with PwnageTool Unlock Edition. Some random iPhone unlockers  noticed that by


Download Flight Control HD for PC and Mac via Steam

Flight Control HD is all set to land on Windows PC and Apple Mac platform. Flight Control HD will be available via Steam, making it accessible to both Mac and PC users at the


Geohot Closes Twitter Account and Blog

George Francis Hotz, better known as GeoHot in iPhone jailbreak and unlock community. He is also known for hacking Sony Playstation 3, GeoHot developed a method for cracking the PlayStation 3 and released an

i7 980X is the Six Core Processor not the Rumored i9

Chinese site pconline provided the first leaked details of Intel’s Core i7-980X Processor, previously it was rumored that Intel is testing Six core i9 processor. According to some leaked benchmarks CPU was about 50%

Best Christmas Themes to Customize iPhone

I know most of us jailbreak their iPhones to change the default iPhone interface, Apple introduced 3 iPhones in past three years with tons of changes but the UI is almost same from last

Wanna Untethered Jailbreak Find Red Balloons In Exchange

GeoHot requested his followers to help him in winning the DARPA Network Challenge. In exchange he will make the community an untethered jailbreak. In America these days a competition called DARPA Network Challenge game