Jailbreak your iPhone


AMD Launched Richland Desktop APU

AMD India showcased their most advanced APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) codenamed “Richland” in the Bloggers Meet held at Bangalore on Thursday, 13th June. APUs are designed to deliver a superior PC experience with increased computational performance. APU includes additional processing capability designed to accelerate one ... ...


How To Watch WWDC 2013 Online Live Audio Video Streaming

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will be taking place in few hours from now on to 14th June in San Francisco. Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, will host the opening keynote.  


Google Now for iOS now available in App Store

Google Now, a new system developed by Google to compete Apples personal assistant Siri is now available to download in iOS app store as a update to Google Search app. Although the service was

10,000 iPhone 5 Dominoes Fall : Video

iPhones have always been the center of attention and a lot of people thought to do creative things with them, and the video we posted below is a good example. Theoretically 10,000 iPhone 5


Beacon : How To Enable Animated Apple Boot Logo On iPhone

Beacon is a tweak launched Cydia last night, and with this tweak we can install an animated boot logo of iDevice. Although there are plenty of boot logos in Cydia, but with beacon we


Zeppelin : easiest way to change iOS operator logo

Zeppelin is a new tweak that allows you to add a custom operator logo on the Status Bar of the iPhone. By example, the Batman logo or the Android robot logo at top left


Posixninja found exploits for iOS 7 jailbreak

Evasi0n was the first and the only untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, but for iOS 7 we might have a solution to jailbreak sooner than we thought. iOS hacker p0sixninja announced that he discovered


Video rotate : iPhone app to rotate videos

Sometimes when you take a video with your iPhone and later you realized that the orientation is completely wrong. Well, Video Rotate is a solution for you. Video Rotate is a universal iOS app


iPhone 5S – home button, vibration and volume button pictures leaked online

The rumors about the next-generation iPhone are becoming increasingly common. Nowhereelse , a well-known French site, has managed to get hold of some pictures of the hardware components of the iPhone 5S. According to


Apple implements two step verification for apple id

Today Apple has implemented Two-step verification for identity verification for users who are trying to recover a Apple ID whose password is forgotten or stolen by a hacker. The new system use a second