Jailbreak your iPhone


Dropbox Updated iOS app to Version 2.0

Today Dropbox iOS team pushed version 2.0 of the application in the App Store. Though there are only two updates listed, but they are very important. First of all it’s a completely new design and UI. Version 2.0 is a lot faster than it’s predecessor. ... ...


How to Activate iOS Camera Roll Photos Sync with Facebook

Earlier this week we told you Facebook for iOS gets Another Update, with new features and previous bug fixes. Camera Roll sync was one of the new feature, with this function, the photos saved


Sparrow is Updated with iPhone 5 and Passbook Support

Undoubtedly, Sparrow is still the best alternative to the native e-mail application for iOS. Although the company announced that it would not focus on updating their applications, after being acquired by Google, the truth


Letterpress : Stylish Word Puzzle Game

Loren Brichter, the New Yorker has established himself in the iOS developer community. Lauren gave us the famous "pull-to-refresh" gesture, Twitter App Tweetie and much more. Today he released a stylish word puzzle game,


Apple Job Posting Hints Aperture for iOS

Apple continues to the interpenetration of the two operating systems, OS X and iOS. Today OS X becomes more and more similar to iOS, and Mac OS X native applications are being ported to


How to get Sparrow e-mail Push Notifications on iPhone With or Without Jailbreak

If you are a MAC user, you may heard of Sparrow e-mail client and benefits of this program, among which are a seamless integration with Gmail email accounts as well as Google Apps. Also boasts a


Snapseed goes Free in iOS App Store for a Limited Time

Good news for photography fanboys, Snapseed goes free for a limited time in iOS App Store. Snapseed is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Meanwhile, the OS X version is still paid app


The official Twitter client for iPhone is updated to version 4.0

Twitter inc. released a new update to Twitter for iPhone, bringing to version 4.0 and can be downloaded from the App Store. The main novelty of version 4.0 is a new completely redesigned user


Type2Phone : Turns your Mac in to Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone

Have you ever been working on your Mac and have received a message or someone sent you an IM, and you thought that "I wish I could respond from the computer directly." We got


Download Infinity Blade Arena in the App store

Epic Games has released next edition of its famous Multiplayer Game Infinity Blade (Download Link), The Infinity Blade Arena , is now available on the App store and you can no longer engage in