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iPad 5 Front Panel Leaked Picture Indicates Major Redesign

Here you go with the another set of leaked image of Apple iPad 5 parts, which is expected to release later this summer. Nowhereelse.fr, a french publication publishes two images of what could be the front panel of the new full-sized iPad 5. As you ... ...


Watch iPad Mini Event Live Streaming Online

Comprehensive guide to follow Apple 23rd October, iPad mini launch event online. Check following links for best live blogging, Video & Audio Streaming. Tim Cook and team are ready to host a special event this


Apple to Hold iPad 2 Event on 2nd March

All Things Digital published an exclusive report regarding Apple iPad 2 launch event. According to exclusive information from All Things Digital next Wednesday, March 2 is the date chosen by Apple to launch the


iPad 2 Launch by the end of February 2011

After analyzing data collected from Taiwanese components suppliers, Digitimes concluded as follows: The first installment of new iPad will be ready for dispatch in the next 100 days. Software for the next iPad is


Apple Sold 2 Million iPad in 60 Days

Steve Jobs introduced the long-awaited and most rumored Apple tablet on 27th of January, first iPad was shipped on April 3rd. Tech pundits reviewed iPad as just another iPod touch with big screen, no


Orange vs O2 vs Vodafone UK iPad 3G data plans

Apple UK started pre-order all iPad models from their online store from Monday 10th May. Vodafone, O2 and Orange have all signed up to supply the iPad to customers in the UK from next


Is the iPad our days new Shrine?

iPad a Shrine?? ATTENTION: This article have Nothing to do with the Scientology group ads above! In just a period of one month, iPad has been sold out and seems to be the one thing “everyone”


Customize your iPad Themes with Winterboard

Saurik released an update for Winterboard, to make WB compatible with iPad. Winterboard allows you to customize your iPad. With Winterboard you can change icons, status bar graphics (WiFi, 3G etc.), iPad dock graphics,


Guide to Change Your iPad SSH Password

When you jailbreak, the filesystem’s password is set to the common password “alpine” As people usually don’t bother changing this password after performing a jailbreak, it’s really easy for hackers to get access to


Convert Mini SIM in to Micro SIM for iPad 3G iPhone 4

By now you all know that the iPad 3G + WiFi model require a micro SIM, and latest leaks from Gizmodo also suggests Apple may promote iPhone 4G/HD with a Micro SIM too. The