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Pearl C hackintosh now availble in Europe.

PearlC has done that in europe what psystar is doing in US now you can buy a Desktop with MACOSX in Europe, our friends across the Atlantic don’t see the whole “antitrust” and “license agreement” thing like us Americans. Thus, PearC: the Hackintosh cloner that ... ...


First look at logitech G19 gaming keyboard.

After the huge success of G15 logitech presents the replacement as G19 Gaming keyboard.he Logitech G19 sells for around 200 US dollars, which is doubled from existing G15. As G15 keyboard G19 is also equipped

Cooler Master strom

First look at Cooler Master Storm Sniper SGC-6000-KKN1-GP Mid Tower PC Cabinet.

  Storm Sniper SGC-6000-KKN1-GP is yet another mid tower chasis for serious gamers.Sniper have a tough and functional fan powered air conditioning casing.SNIPER is probably one of the coolest and feature-rich gaming chassis available today.Lets take



AMD Phenom II Overclocked at 6.5GHz World Record.

 AMD Phenom II setting a new world record for 3DMark scores by overclocking to a whopping speed of 6.5GHz. A whopping score of 45,474 3DMarks.The world record was set on Janurary 10 2009 in

First Hands on picks of Adamo

First hands on picks of ADAMO are out and you are sure to get them first here. Its clear now Adamo will come in Two Color options Black & White and will have a


Dell Launches king of Monitors with 80,000:1 Contrast Ratio

Dell has launched its new SP2309W Monitor which is a 23″ inch Monitor with resolution Higher than Full HD at 2048 x 1152 at 60 Hz and deadly 2ms response time. But the real