Jailbreak your iPhone


Google Releases YouTube App for iOS

After removal from iOS 6, Google promised that it would try to deploy a new native app dedicated to one of the most visited websites in the world. And so it was. From today, you can download ( for free ) the new version of ... ...


Gmail for iOS is Updated with Notification Center Support

It’s about time, after the criticism of the first versions of Gmail for iOS (not without reason, because it was buggy), it seems that Google development team is reacting to correct some faults i.e.


Google Chrome for Mac updated to Version 7

Following the agenda of a stable release every six weeks, Google has updated its Chrome browser to version 7 on that channel. Google Chrome build 7.0.517.41 for Mac OS X includes support for Applescript

Google Phone a.k.a Nexus One Latest Rival to iPhone

Giant G Google entered in the race of smart phones, the buzz generated after some tweets by Google employees who were were given the task of testing the device. Later today Mario Queiroz, Vice

Download Google Chrome OS 0.4.223 beta is a Fake Call

Today Someone made a Google page on sites.google.com and offer to download the beta version of chrome OS. You can check the page here. Many big blogs including Gizmodo posted and removed the posts