Jailbreak your iPhone


Windows 3.1 Runs On a Nokia N95 and N82.

Windows 3.1 OS from Microsoft in Early 90’s got a new platform like Nokia N 82 and Nokia N 95. Folks of FrazPC has done the experiment successfully. Reverse Engineer used Windows 3.1 operating system on the Symbian-powered smartphone, allowing both operating systems to run ... ...


First Offical preview of Windows Mobile 6.5

  Microsoft Previews the very first official screenshots of Windows mobile 6.5 at the Mobile World Congress. The first look of screenshots Looking good and much more polished than the leaked builds we’ve been seeing.


First official photos of Amazon kindle 2 @ 359 $.

Amazon Kindle is an e-book reader, an embedded system for reading electronic books (e-books), launched in the United States by prominent online bookseller Amazon.com in November 2007. Now it’s time for Amazon kindle 2


Most Possible Windows Mobile 7 Roadmap.

Mary Jo Foley from Zdnet blogs about the possible roadmap of Windows Mobile 7.Features of  Win Mobile 7 are still a mystery. But it is rumored there have been a few tidbits about some


First look at logitech G19 gaming keyboard.

After the huge success of G15 logitech presents the replacement as G19 Gaming keyboard.he Logitech G19 sells for around 200 US dollars, which is doubled from existing G15. As G15 keyboard G19 is also equipped


iPhone vs. Palm Pre War of Best Smart Phone.

Palm Pre is leading the way for the best alternative of  iPhone.Palm Pre is showcased in CES 09 and expected to hit the market very soon.Palm pre is based on Web OS which supports



Palm pre Know that you’ll be late for your meeting

Palm Pre has some real cool features like real multi-tasking and amazing UI but one most amazing feature is that it will tell you that you’ll be late for that meeting. How that works

First Hands on picks of Adamo

First hands on picks of ADAMO are out and you are sure to get them first here. Its clear now Adamo will come in Two Color options Black & White and will have a


Philips launched first 21:9 TV

Many people may just now be getting used to the idea of the 16:9 aspect ratio HDTVs have. The whole black bars at the top and bottom just kinda throws people off I guess. Personally,