Jailbreak your iPhone


Alert : Vroom Paid Cydia App Is Fake

Today some developer released a “pay” package called “Vroom” which sounded too good to be true. Unfortunately, it is. Do not install this package. Not only does it not do what it claims, but it is also somewhat dangerous and will wear out your ... ...


Infiniboard : Vertical iPhone icon scrolling tweak from Chpwn

Chpwn Dev Team member and infamous developer of Infinidock and Proswitcher showcased his new tweak in Cydia. This tweak will permit you a vertical scrolling of your Springboard’s icons. Chpwn posted a video


iBluenova Lets iPhone Users Send and Receive Files Over Bluetooth

News of the day iBluetooth for OS 3.0 and above is renamed to iBluenova. The good news is that MeDevil has finally released stable beta release of iBluenova to selected beta testers. iBluenova is


Infinidock Now Scroll Horizontally in the iPhone Dock

Infinidock is a new tweak by chpwn [twitter link] makes your dock infinite (by scrolling) and lets you set the numbers of icons. Like me if you are interested in putting more than 5-6


All in One Cydget – Live Your iPhone Lockscreen

It’s a while since we talked about any new widgets for Cydget, but this All in One widget is so bloody cool and really impressed me. For those who aren’t familiar with Cydget, is

InterActiveWeather Animated Weather for iPhone LockScreen

InterActiveWeather is the first and only customizable weather theme for iPhone. InterActiveWeather allows you to have the animated weather in LockScreen of your iPhone and iPod Touch. This is a really nice graphic and

SIManager : Manage Your SIM Contacts on the iPhone

SIManager is a new tweak from Giovanni Chiappini and inspired by iSpazio. It lets you import, edit, and write new SIM contacts. SIManager is a beta release and you can test and help the

PkgBackup to Backup and Restore Your Cydia Applications

Recently i got some mails and bunch of questions on twitter regarding how to backup existing Cydia packages before installing new firmware. Personally i used to make a list of my apps before restore/update

GlovePod Control Music playback with the Volume keys

It’s cold, you have the gloves and want to change tracks on your iPhone, how? If you do not remove the gloves, now you can use the free application GlovePod. Glovepod is new tweak

BTstack Keyboard Enables Bluetooth Keyboard Access to Jailbroken iPhones

BTstack Keyboard, reason number 11564 to jailbreak your iPhone. BTstack is a small application called by Matthias Ringwald allows jailbroken iPhone 3G and 3GS users to use a bluetooth keyboard for text entry with