Jailbreak your iPhone


Measure Distance of Objects with EasyMeasure iPhone App

EasyMeasure, a recently released tweak in Cydia, claim to measure the distance to objects seen through the camera of your iPhone / iPad. According to the developer, EasyMeasure simply aim your iPhone/iPad to any object in your surroundings, and then it display the distance towards ... ...


Create your own multitasking environment with Aero [Cydia]

Aero, a new tweak for jailbroken devices is available in Cydia, allowing the user to configure their own multitasking environment on the iPhone. The tweak is named Aero and you can choose from a

NCSettings : better alternative of SBSettings

New day new Cydia tweak, NCSettings is by far the best replacement of SBSettings.NCSettings, a widget to the notification center allows us to ON and OFF the WiFi , 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, Respring, Etc.


Springtomize 2 available for iOS 5 (Cydia)

Springtomize, yours complete springboard customizing application has evolved to be compatible with iOS 5. Springtomize 2 lets you customize: animations,  the dock, status bar, the screen lock, icons, folders, color, multitasking, sources, notification center

Infinite Tweet : Tweets more than 140 characters (Cydia)

Infinite Tweet, lets you write tweets longer than 140 characters using Twitlonger or Cut140 service. This tweak integrates itself into your native iOS applications i.e. Twitter, Echofon and TweetBot so you needn’t to open


IntelliscreenX now available in Cydia

IntelliscreenX,  first ever notification manager for iPhone is now updated to IntelliscreenX. Latest version is a modification to the comprehensive notification center, from where you can do many things: check the mail, reply, delete,

ClearLockNotifications : deletes the notification on lock screen

New day, new cydia tweak. ClearLockNotifications allows you to delete the notifications of a specific application on the lock screen, without unlocking the iPhone, which by default is impossible. To clear all notifications click


SBSettings is now compatible with iOS 5

SBSettings is now compaitible with iOS 5. Latest release of SBSettings brings many new features, including and most interesting, full integration with the notification center, but if you prefer you can still use the


Saurik Released Cydia 1.1 to Public

Jay Freeman a.k.a. Saurik updated Cydia to version 1.1, latest update made Cydia much faster and responsive than the previous release. Cydia 1.1 comes with several fixes and significant improvement in speed and responsiveness


MyWi On Demand : Yet Another Reason to Jailbreak

MyWi, infamous iPhone tethering application that allows users to share their 3G connection of the iPhone to browse the internet via the PC / laptop / MacBook / iPod / iPad just got a