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iPhone OS 3.0 Has MMS and Bluetooth Tethering More on March 17th.

Engadget reports that Apple is going to preview iPhone OS 3.0 on 17th of March. On the other hand The BoyGeniusReport received some information from their sources and are trying to get more. According to BoyGenius iPhone OS 3.0 is supported with MMS and Tethering ... ...



Apple Announces New iPod Shuffle 4GB Features VoiceOver.

As we posted earlier today that Apple is going to rolling all new iPod Shuffle 3G with 4GB storage. The new iPod shuffle is small and  easier to use than previous one. The controls


iPod Shuffle 4GB Rumor’s Floating in Air.

Apple’s online stores have gone down for product updates. Mr X of  Macrumor forum indicates that the downtime is for new iPod Shuffle 4GB. Mr.X. was right the last time Mac mini, Mac Pro


Apple Touch Screen Netbook This Year ?

Apple’s next new device will be a netbook or tablet Netbook.Apple supposedly will develop a tablet PC netbook. This device could be equipped with an ARM processor, as Apple bought the manufacturer PA


Quick Look at Snow Leopard’s New Advanced Text, QuickTime X.

Recently Apple seeded Snow Leopard build 10A286 to a group of developers. If you have a look on leaked build notes you may find that Almost all of the applications have been rebuilt in

Apple Seeded Mac OS X 10.5.7 build 9J27 to Developers.

It seems that Apple’s Leopard team is working hard at the work. Last week they seeded OS X 10.5.7 build 9J22 and today WorldofApple reported that the latest build 9J27 is floating between developers. The



Disassembly pictures of latest iMac 20”.

These guys are crazy, yesterday Apple showcased latest iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro and within 24 hours disassembly pictures of iMac 20” by iFixit are floating on internet. If you missed the Mac


Mac Mini 2009, pictures of unpacking and disassembling.

Yesterday Apple showcased new Mac Mini along with Mac Pro and iMac, and today macminicolo published a complete set of unpacking and disassembling pictures of Mac Mini’09. If you missed the attraction yesterday take