Jailbreak your iPhone


Download and Install Facebook Home Leaked Build On Any Android Phone

Facebook Home, for Android is scheduled to release in the Play Store for April 12, but thanks to the hackers over MoDaCo, A pre-release version of Facebook Home is available to download and install on any Android based phone. For those who don’t know, Facebook ... ...


Samsung Galaxy S4 will be Dominated by the iPhone 5S

Last week Samsung inc. showcased it’s most hyped phone, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the U.S. analyst [check here] made their predictions about the future terminal. According to them, latest device is not innovator and


Apple Tries to Block Sale of Galaxy S III in the U.S.

Galaxy S III was officially launched last week in several countries around the world, but the U.S. launch date is June 21. Samsung folks are doing their best to bring the terminals in U.S.


iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S II, S2 | Video

Samsung S Galaxy II is by far the most powerful competitor to the iPhone. Galaxy S2 bagged 3 million orders, even before it’s launch. Samsung Galaxy S2 is built on a 4.3-inch screen and


Use Android Phone as Wireless keyboard and touchpad mouse

How many of you wanted to buy a pair of wireless mouse and keyboard but was lazy enough to go to the marker and get one? Or maybe you are in short of money But


Gingerbread Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You

This isn’t a theme or a customization of your iPhone UI to make it look similar to android. This is a whole OS on your iPhone. The idroidproject community has already started working on this, This community was  successful in


BootLace 2.1.1 bring Android Support to iPod Touch 2G

Folks over iDroid Project released Bootlace 2.1.1, BootLace is an iOS application which allows the installation of iDroid and OpeniBoot as well as configuration of OpeniBoot settings. BootLace allows you to  install and configure


Android Froyo 2.2 on Motorola Droid and Milestone Coming Soon

Good folks over Engadget confirmed that Motorola Droid and Milestone users will receive Android 2.2 as a software upgrade in the near future. It is not known when this will happen, certainly after upgrading


Download and Flash Froyo 2.2 to Your Nexus One Manually

It appears that in America have already been released some updates to Android Froyo 2.2 for Nexus One. The update comes over the air and was confirmed for many users. Initial reports suggest Froyo


How to Install Android on iPhone 3G

last month we told you about first successful porting of Android over iPhone 2G [Check Here] with a step by step detailed guide to install Android over 2G. We also told you that iPhone