Jailbreak your iPhone

Download and Install Facebook Home Leaked Build On Any Android Phone


Facebook Home, for Android is scheduled to release in the Play Store for April 12, but thanks to the hackers over MoDaCo, A pre-release version of Facebook Home is available to download and install on any Android based phone.

For those who don’t know, Facebook Home is an app that will turn your Android smartphone into a great social media smartphone. Facebook Home revolves around the profile pictures of our friends and the fact that it allows us to unify the SMS, Chat and Messenger in a new and unique way.


Note : In order to properly use all the apk and transform your home screen you must comply with certain parameters, first the resolution must not exceed 1280 × 768 pixels and you must uninstall the official Facebook application first.

Once you have followed the necessary precautions mentioned above, just download and install 3 apk (links below) all together.

Warning : That is not yet final versions and therefore you may encounter some bugs. Proceed at your own risk.

                             Via / The Verge /


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