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Beacon : How To Enable Animated Apple Boot Logo On iPhone


Beacon is a tweak launched Cydia last night, and with this tweak we can install an animated boot logo of iDevice. Although there are plenty of boot logos in Cydia, but with beacon we can customize the effect that  can run during startup of our terminals. After installing the tweak, settings can be configured through iOS Settings where we can choose one of 7 effects designed by the developer for animation logo at startup, each change require a restart to work.

In short Beacon is the easiest way to enable animated apple boot logo in iPhone.

   iOS Animated Logo  Beacon for iOS

This tweak enables the Apple logo animation that is seen the first time your device boots after being restored. The transition into the lock screen is so sleek and smooth, it won’t fail to deliver a built-in, high quality feel. It will leave you pointlessly respringing your device just to watch the Apple logo glow as it welcomes you back into iOS.

Beacon is available at a price of $ 0.99 in the repo BigBoss of Cydia.


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