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Winamp for mac os x now available for download


Winamp, one of the most popular music players for Windows now available for Mac OS X. Winamp, a desktop music player that can play all local music and playlists in a manner similar to iTunes but more easily to operate. It is, indeed, a very simple music player to play our music and organize it into playlists, enough for those users who do not want complication and just want to listen to their favourite music. Winamp for MacWinamp Beta for OS X also includes the ability to automatically sync our music and playlists from iTunes to save the trouble and maintain synchronization between iTunes and folders that we already specified. In addition, Winamp lets you copy tracks from your Android phone to a Mac desktop.

Another feature that includes the application is the wireless sync via WiFi network of our music with Android devices through Winamp application for Android, and for the moment, is scheduled to arrive on iOS.

One of the most attractive features of Winamp is the ability to change the player interface using different skins, which is missing in OS X version for the moment.

Winamp Beta for OSX is available free to download from the Winamp site.


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