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Samsung Galaxy S4 will be Dominated by the iPhone 5S


Last week Samsung inc. showcased it’s most hyped phone, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the U.S. analyst [check here] made their predictions about the future terminal. According to them, latest device is not innovator and will be dominated by the iPhone 5S, pretty bold statements, considering that Apple has not yet said anything about their future device. He says the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is thicker, heavier and less refined than iPhone 5 terminal and this will affect sales once the iPhone 5S will be released.s4-130315-1

We are amazed by how Analysts and the media have Turned on Apple during the recent stock downdrafts with statements That Samsung is “out-innovating” Apple. One Would Believe That Samsung is crushing Apple in the mobile phone market. We believe this is complete nonsense. While the S4 is Likely to be the iPhone’s Biggest competitor this year at the high end of the market, we Remain confident in our iPhone estimates for this year of 177.5 million, Which includes a Cheaper phone in the September quarter. We view the S4 as unlikely to meaningfully impact the iPhone share of the high-end over the full year, BUT do Expect it to take share from other Android phones.

Apart from the views of the analyst, Samsung Galaxy S4 is an upgrade to an existing model. The truth is that Samsung Galaxy S 4 is a Samsung Galaxy S 3S, Koreans preferring to maintain design, increase screen and implement some new features, not very important, something that generally makes Apple.


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