Jailbreak your iPhone

Posixninja found exploits for iOS 7 jailbreak


Evasi0n was the first and the only untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, but for iOS 7 we might have a solution to jailbreak sooner than we thought. iOS hacker p0sixninja announced that he discovered several new exploits in recent months and could grow next jailbreak solution. P0sixninja is one of the former members of Chronic Dev Team, has the knowledge to develop a solution to jailbreak and his claims cannot be taken lightly.

iOS 7 Jailbreak

P0sixninja also revealed that he will not be using his exploits for iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak; rather, he will be holding them back for iOS 7 or iOS 7.1. Commenting to iDesignTimes, p0sixninja says that he will definitely not release for iOS 6.x.
“I will at least wait for 7.0, if not even 7.1 I’ve been working on it [a while]. Some of them [vulnerabilities] were ideas I had years ago, but everyone said I was crazy, and I’ve just started looking into them more and realizing I was right…”

Hacker not yet provided details about his exploits and probably never will, but as soon as iOS 7 Beta 1 will be released we may see some evidence from his side.


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