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Leaked iPhone Prototype from 2005 with Huge Screen


Ars Technia, published photos of a very early prototype of the iPhone from 2005. What do you imagine, when you hear the word “iPhone”? I bet you never imagine a huge screen, COM-port, Ethernet, USB and the motherboard size iPad mini. Well in 2005, iPhone prototype was way different than first consumer iPhone.image3The prototype version of the iDevice has appeared at Ars Technica . This is the same device, which in 2010, Steve Jobs said:

I will tell you a secret: in fact [iPhone] began with the tablet. I had the idea of ​​a glass display, which can be printed with your fingers. I asked the guys if we can create a multi-touch display, which can be printed? And six months later they brought me this prototype.

image4And certainly no one knew then, what exactly will be the first consumer smartphone. The prototype worked on ARM A9 from Samsung with a frequency of 233 megahertz – two times weaker than the chip in the very first iPhone. And so many ports there was, and a card reader, and Ethernet, and USB, and even COM-port for an external monitor. Then it was a real computer.image7-387x500Actually, all additional ports on the prototype may indicate that Apple at one time had considered these functions, but a second possibility is that Apple only needed them during the development process.

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