Jailbreak your iPhone

iFaith updated to version 1.5.6, now compatible with iOS 6.1.3


iH8sn0w has released a new update to iFaith tool, that comes with version 1.5.6 compatible with iOS 6.1.3. Those who don’t know, iFaith is very similar to TinyUmbrella , a tool that serves to save the certificates SHSH so you can later use. There is a difference between the two tool, while TinyUmbrella retrieves the SHSH from Apple’s servers , iFaith extracts them from our device.


Another difference with TinyUmbrella and that with iFaith we also have the ability to create a custom firmware “ipsw file “that includes files SHSH.

All this allows then to downgrade and to avoid blocking by Apple, while restoring the firmware is not signed and not always recognized by the same.

iFaith also lets you use the mode PwnedDFU , a very special recovery mode. iFaith is only available for Windows .

You can find iFaith 1.5.6 here: Download


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