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Contact Fix for 6.1.x, Solve Contact Problem after Evasi0n


Contact Fix for 6.1.x is a tweak launched in Cydia , with this tweak we can fix one of the problem with native Contacts application. Basically, after you jailbreak with evasi0n on iOS 6.1.x and try to copy one photos attached to contacts, then try to paste over menu add photo ‘s Contacts application, it will automatically close. Contact Fix for 6.1.x, published in Cydia to fix this bug, and you can install it free from the BigBoss repo of Cydia .Photo Feb 28, 2 13 22 PM

Requires iOS 6.1.x. On iOS 6.1.x, When you copy any of your thumbnail photos (do not open the photo), THEN go to Contacts (or Phone) app, Edit, and paste it over the “add photo” (or existing photo). Instantly Will this cause the Contacts / Phone app to crash. Will this tweak fix it.


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  1. Vesprada March 1, 2013 Reply

    How About A Tweak For The Weather App. No Matter How Many Times I Enter My Favorite Cities, they disappear When I Close The App.
    When I Open The Weather App The 2 Generic Cities Are There And My Favorite Cities Are Gone.

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