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evad3rs : iOS 6 Jailbreak Team by iPhone Hackers


After the recent news about the jailbreak of iOS 6 that is nearing completion, iPhone hacker pod2g made ​​another unexpected announcement. He, along with three other well-known iOS hacker scene decided to form a group called evad3rs and consists of MuscleNerd (of the infamous iPhone Dev-Team), the pimskeks (from the Chronic-Dev Team), the planetbeing (who has worked diligently for the last jailbreak), and of course pod2g.

pod2g evad3rs

The team has not provided information on future projects, but given that all participants have a lot of experience on the jailbreak of iOS devices, it is natural to think of the formation of a new team of hackers who will look for security holes in Apple’s operating system and allow such release.

We also know that these guys are already in possession of more than one vulnerability for iOS 6 / iPhone 5 jailbreak. evad3rs jailbreak

Obviously, you’ll learn more about them as time goes on. Team didn’t even posted a tweet from their twitter account. But for now, just be sure to seriously consider the warning of pod2g and not falling victim to fraudsters may ask you money.


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