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Enable Virtual iPhone Home Button with Assistive Touch


Since iOS 5, Apple introduced a handy feature called “Assistive Touch”. It ensures that you can control a variety of functions, even when the iPhone buttons are defective. So you can enable a virtual home button, without having a physical button to press.

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You activate Assistive Touch Settings> General> Accessibility. Halfway through the screen you will see the option Assistive Touch, you can activate with a switch. Now a white dot on the screen, which is always visible. You can move the dot to any corner of the screen, the dot with your finger to drag. Tap the dot, then a menu with buttons as shown below. Lets you control almost everything on your iPhone, including the home button.


Tap the Dot, you get even more options such as screen lock, rotate and shake. Tap Gestures, you get a menu where you can perform various gestures. In the settings you can make new Assistive Touch gestures define. You can use the commands with two, three, four or five fingers run.

Assistive Touch is primarily intended for people with a disability the iPhone does not operate. For example because they have a bad motor or no power to the button. However, the function Assistive Touch also very handy if your buttons are broken.


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