Jailbreak your iPhone

iOS 6.0.1, iPad 4 & iPad Mini got Jailbreak Treatment


iPad 4 and iPad Mini was officially launched by Apple last week, within 48 hours both tablets have been jailbroken by hackers. iOS 6.0.1 was jailbroken on both tablets, so future untethered jailbreak solution will be surely compatible with current version of iOS, but it is unknown whether hackers will choose to develop jailbreak solution for iOS 6, considering the fact that last year, Dev team released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1, but not for iOS 5.

iOS 6.0.1, iPad Mini, iPad 4 Jailbreak

Nobody knows the release date, but we assume that by the end of November we can jailbreak our terminals. The solution will be compatible with all Apple products that can install iOS 6.0.1, Hackers are working hard to deliver jailbreak solution & we may hear some good news in the coming weeks.


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