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Microsoft Office for iOS will be available in March 2013


Today Microsoft has finally announced a release date for the office suite compatible with iOS devices and Android. The information comes from a Czech website IHNED, where a product manager at Microsoft has officially announced that the application will be available for handsets in Q1 2013, ie in March. The folks at Microsoft have published a press release in Czech, saying exactly the same information, so we now have official confirmation that the suite will arrive in the App Store next year.

The Biggest news is the official announcement today Preparing Office 2013 for Android and iOS in the form of native applications. This information at a press conference published by Petr Bobek, product manager of Microsoft Office.Office 2013 Will Be Launched in the first quarter of 2013, Microsoft Will THEN publish versions for other platforms gradually.


Since the release of iOS devices, and more particularly after the arrival of the iPad, many users who miss the Office package¬† to work with their documents . Apple offered ‘Pages’ as a solution, but at a high price hopefully improve with Microsoft launch next year.


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