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The New iPhone aka iPhone 5 Box Photo Leaked


A Dutch blog, iphonenieuwsblog posted an interesting pic featuring an employee next to *The New iPhone* box printing machine. Have a look at the image posted below and it reveals that the new screens will indeed be longer than previous iPhone models. The new screen is said to have increased to 4" in diagonal (up from 3.5").This would provide another row for apps with additional screen space to fill, as you can spot in the picture below.

iPhone 5 a

Back to the photo, it looks like the photo was taken in the Asian printing where they spot boxes for the new iPhone to print them to pack and ship. There was this picture taken, where a worker shows images of what appears to be the new iPhone 5. Now wait until the official presentation.

Now we have a release date of 12th September the iPhone 5 is set to feature a new thinner design and will reportedly come with a new smaller port instead of the current larger dock. Following is the full image.



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  1. crash September 5, 2012 Reply

    ooohh… poor girl gonna lose her job!! But it’s ok. Knowing Apple’s track record (Foxcon) she probably only makes a few bucks a day anyway.

  2. Amn3sia September 5, 2012 Reply

    Vertically 5 icons… 4 inch screen 16:9… i really do not like the new design! SAD -_-

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