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Google Releases YouTube App for iOS


After removal from iOS 6, Google promised that it would try to deploy a new native app dedicated to one of the most visited websites in the world. And so it was. From today, you can download ( for free ) the new version of YouTube for iOS. YouTube App is available only for iPhone and iPod touch. The iPad version should arrive shortly.

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As reported by the official YouTube blog , the main new features of this application are:

  • View tens of thousands of videos more , including the latest hit music video official.
  • A new guide to YouTube channels: with a swipe to the left you can see all the channels that you are subscribed to YouTube, so you have easy access to all your favorite content.
  • Faster search : New search tools allow you to get better results in less time (with suggestions as you type), allowing you to sort by video or channel. E ‘can also browse the recommended videos or on while you’re already watching a movie.
  • Improved ‘ integration with social network : you can share content via Google+, Facebook, Twitter and email.

Unfortunately, there is also an unpleasant surprise for all those who decide to download the app. For the first time, YouTube will show spot commercial in the video before the actual content, as happens on the desktop version.


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