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PlayStation 4 Release due in Fall of 2013


Sony’s gaming console, PlayStation is the most famous console in market, it has some exclusive titles that are purchased by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, some graphics that do not go out of style. Sony last updated it’s PlayStation console in late 2006 with PlayStation 3 aka PS3 and the reality is that several years passed. For this reason it is not surprising that many are waiting for PS3 successor >> PS4. The PlayStation 4 is being incredibly expected by hardcore gamers.

Sony PS 4

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Now comes some interesting information because it comes from a place you can’t deny their credibility. The Wall Street Journal, one of the most prestigious and reliable newspapers in the world, claims to have sources revealed that the console will come out sometime in 2013. While the information based on their release is very brief, one sentence reveals that the time will be sometime in 2013, throwing more into the final months of the onset. Following is the excerpt from WSJ.

The Japanese electronics maker’s flirtation with dropping the optical drive underscores the rising importance of online networks in the videogame industry, which allow console users to download games, television shows and music without the need for disks or cartridges.

Sony is planning a 2013 release for the successor to its PlayStation 3 console, people familiar with the matter said.

Confirmation is impossible because since Sony will not reveal anything of such importance. We can only rely on hearsay and if we consider that the console and was released 6 years ago, would not be surprising that the company is in final stage to launch the new generation PlayStation by 2013.


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