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iPhone 5 could have New Processor and 1GB RAM


Today we have learned new details [9to5Mac] of what could be the components amount of future Apple phone, processor and RAM. According to a leak, the name of the processor that will mount the new iPhone is A5 *** (asterisks have been used to conceal the identity of the source) and through the serial number of this processor, ARM S5L8950X, it is a model different than the current iPhone 4S mounted . No more data about the features, but my opinion is that this will be an advanced version of the A5, with which will reduce the consumption of it, keeping the dual-core and being very similar to the iPad2.

Another new feature that we discovered today is what might be increased up to 1 GB RAM and this would be it now mounts the next generation iPhone and it works perfectly.

iPhone 5

WWDC 2012 is just around the corner and internet is flooded with rumors and news that appear every day about the hardware & software of next generation iPhone (iPhone 5). Personally I don’t believe that Apple would launch a new iPhone next week, because there is lot of stuff and everything indicates that the new iPhone will come in October this year, but who knows if Tim Cook has something up his sleeve. What do you think?


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