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How to get Sparrow e-mail Push Notifications on iPhone With or Without Jailbreak


If you are a MAC user, you may heard of Sparrow e-mail client and benefits of this program, among which are a seamless integration with Gmail email accounts as well as Google Apps. Also boasts a very elegant interface and a maximum simplicity when using it. Sparrow is now also available for iPhone and it comes with almost every OS X feature except Push notifications. App store review team does not allow push notifications due to restrictions imposed by Apple, similar to Skype notifications.

Today we’ll teach how to get e-mail push notifications on iPhone with or without jailbreak.

How to get e-mail Push Notifications on iPhone With Jailbreak

Here we go with the reason #79867 to jailbreak your phone, as you know Apple do not allow Sparrow with push notifications due to their App Store Approval policies. However there is a way to solve this problem. All you need is a jailbroken iPhone. Users with jailbroken iPhone can enable push notifications for Sparrow through a tweak called ” Sparrow Push “. This tweak allows the use of notifications when the application Sparrow remains open in the background, and then you can completely replace the native Mail app. The tweak works perfectly and available in the BigBoss repo for free of cost.

Update : FreeManRepo also released Sparrow+, another cydia tweak with the same functionality. You can use any of them.

How to get e-mail Push Notifications on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Here we go with another short tutorial on adding push notifications to Sparrow without jailbreak. To do this, we will use an application called Boxcar. This application will make a bridge between the email push notifications and Sparrow. Boxcar is available in App Store for free of cost, you can later remove advertisements with a 4.99$ in app purchase.

  • Launch Boxcar, create your account with boxcar (if you don’t have any). Click on Add a Service, which we will display a list of functions supported by the application. Once here, look for the option Email Account and click.                                                        

  • The next step is to configure the email service: name, sound, kind of alertness and attention, here’s the key, the option Opens , we have to select Sparrow as a client. Once done, save the configuration and send an email to the email account you have entered to create the account of Boxcar.

Note : The account you want to configure to push should not be the same we used to create the account of Boxcar.  An e-mail will then be sent to your account e-mail address providing you with the instructions to finish setting up Boxcar e-mail alerts.

  • In the e-mail you receive from Boxcar, you will be given a unique e-mail address to use in setting up your alerts. You will then need to go into your e-mail account settings and forward incoming e-mails to the Boxcar address. If you receive a lot of e-mail, or even if you just want to save some sanity, you can set up e-mail filters to only forward e-mails based off of sender or subject.
  • Once you have set up forwarding to your Boxcar e-mail address, have a friend send you a test e-mail. If all is working properly, you will receive a Boxcar alert that will then launch into Sparrow once you open it.

If you have done all steps correctly, you can check that the push is excellent and clicking on the notification, you’re directed to Sparrow. The only drawback is that our emails have to go through Boxcar servers for forwarding, but say they will not use our information or saved, but will link to the push notification.


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