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Apple Tries to Block Sale of Galaxy S III in the U.S.


Galaxy S III was officially launched last week in several countries around the world, but the U.S. launch date is June 21. Samsung folks are doing their best to bring the terminals in U.S. stores as soon as possible, while Apple lawyers have sent a court notice [Check FOSSPATENTS] in an attempt to block the sale of the terminal in the U.S. claiming that it violates a patent for Siri and one for “on tapping.”


Apple formally asks the court for permission to add the S III as another product targeted by Apple’s motion for a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus, a smartphone Samsung co-developed with Google.

Apple made this move approximately 20 hours after I wrote about the Galaxy S III being “the obvious next target”. In my blog post I speculated that Apple might bring a preliminary injunction motion against it, possibly after awaiting tomorrow’s preliminary injunction hearing. Apple decided to forge ahead now. Apple is on the offensive against Android. Earlier this week it filed an ITC complaint requesting an immediate import ban of 29 allegedly-infringing HTC devices. There’s an important overlap: the “data tapping” patent that Apple is seeking to enforce against HTC’s current generation of products is one of two patents Apple is using against the S III.

Apple purchased the S III in the United Kingdom, where Samsung launched it on May 29. The U.S. launch date is June 21 — precisely two weeks after the preliminary injunction hearing.

Apple’s motion notes that “[a]ccording to press reports, Samsung has already sold over nine million preorders of the Galaxy S III; indeed, the Galaxy S III has been reported to be the most extensively preordered piece of consumer electronics in history.”

Apple expected to attack Samsung S-Voice system, although the system is significantly lower than available in iPhone 4S, but do not know if under those patents that could block sales or not. However Samsung remains optimistic and has said it wants to “assure consumers that the US launch and sales of the Galaxy S3 will proceed as planned.”


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  1. Dwight June 8, 2012 Reply

    I have been a loyal apple customer since 2009. I believe apple should leave the galaxy 111 alone. Apple should add flash player to their devices and then apple would be untouchable. If they don’t improve soon I will be switching to something else. Shape up apple flash player is needed urgently.

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