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Apple Job Posting Hints Aperture for iOS


Apple continues to the interpenetration of the two operating systems, OS X and iOS. Today OS X becomes more and more similar to iOS, and Mac OS X native applications are being ported to iOS i.e. iWork , iPhoto , iMovie, and Garage Band. Now the news is, Aperture is also being ported to iOS very soon. Aperture is originally conceived as an alternative to Lightroom from Adobe.

A job posting from Apple suggest that Aperture development team is looking hard for new employees to work on iOS-version of their program. In particular, the unit requires Apple interface designers and programmers with experience in the environment iOS.


In this case special attention is paid to the development experience for OS X and iOS, as well as knowledge of programming languages, which are used primarily in iOS. Apparently, the appearance of Aperture on a iPad is now just a matter of time.


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