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iTunes 10.5.2 released by Apple


Last night Apple released iOS 5.1 beta 2 for developers and shortly after that they released iTunes 10.5.2 for all users. iTunes 10.5.2  includes several enhancements and fixes for a problem of the reproduced audio distortion or import certain CDs. The new version of iTunes brings fixes to some bugs and improvements over previous versions. As always, you can update using the Software Update tool that Apple provides or directly from the iTunes website.

Here’s the full change log of iTunes 10.5.2:

What’s new in iTunes 10.5.2

Several Improvements iTunes 10.5.2 includes fixes for iTunes Match year and playing audio distortion problem When Importing Certain or CDs.

10.5.1 iTunes Also included:

  • Match iTunes.  Store your entire music library in icloud, Including music from CDs you’ve Imported, and enjoy your collection anywhere, anytime, on your iPhone, iPod touch, computer, or Apple TV.
  • iTunes in the Cloud.  iTunes stores your music and TV now in icloud and Makes Them purchases available on your devices anywhere, Any time, at no additional cost.
  • Automatic Downloads.  Purchase Music from Any device or computer and automatically download a copy to your Mac and IOS devices.
  • Download Previous Purchases.  Download your past music, TV, app, and book purchases again, at no additional cost. Previous Purchases May Be Unavailable if they have no longer on the iTunes Store.
  • Sync with your iPhone, or iPod touch with iOS 5.
  • Wi-Fi Syncing.  Automatically sync your iPhone, or iPod touch with iTunes Any time they’re on the Same Both Wi-Fi network.

  Users who jailbreak their devices do not have to fear because Apple has not "affected" by more than a year a jailbreak solution through iTunes. You can download the new version of iTunes from Apple site.


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