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Enable HDR image on the iPod Touch 4G with iOS 5



Apple introduced HDR imaging with iOS 4.x, a function which significantly improve the quality of photos taken with an iPhone. Though everyone isn’t agree that HDR function is really useful, but sometime I found HDR very useful in my personal case. Apple has limited this function on some terminals and iPod Touch 4G is not one of them because it has a small room that you can not use it to make great pictures.


This guide will explain how to enable HDR works on your iPod touch 4G. The tutorial works only on iOS 5 and iPod Touch 4G.

1. Navigate to following path in your iPod file system


and look for


You need to edit this file so i advice to copy the file to your computer and duplicate it.

2. Now using a Plist file editor and find the line: "AVCaptureSessionPresetPhoto" and below "FullResolutionPreview" paste the following code after the tag "True"

   1: <key> HDR </ key>

   2: <true/>

   3: <key> MaxFrameRate </ key>

   4: <integer> 30 </ integer>

   5: <key> MinFrameRate </ key>

   6: <integer> 15 </ integer>

   7: <key> Preview </ key>

   8: <dict>

   9: <key> Height </ key>

  10: <integer> 640 </ integer>

  11: <key> PixelFormatType </ key>

  12: <string> 420f </ string>

  13: <key> Width </ key>

  14: <integer> 852 </ integer>

  15: </ Dict>

3. Save the file, transfer it back to the iPod Touch in the location from which you downloaded and then navigate to the following

System / Library / CoreServices / SpringBoard.app / Where to look N81.plist file.

Open the file with an editor. Plist and at the end or add the code:

   1: HDR-image-capture <key> </ key> <true/>

4. Save and copy the file back to the iPod Touch (if you have transferred to the PC first) and reset the iPod. After the terminal reboots you should have in Settings> Photos activate the HDR.


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