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Charlie Miller Finds Security Flaw in iOS


Charlie Miller aka 0xcharlie, well-known security researcher has revealed that he found a new vulnerability in iOS software that allows an application to run malicious code. It should be noted that Apple controls all applications submitted to the App Store and does not allow the execution of unauthorized code.


The Miller managed to "broke" this limitation and even created and an application to demonstrate the findings. Apple has approved the application to the App Store and Miller exploited the security hole and managed to steal the photos from one device.

Using his method-and Miller has already planted a sleeper app in Apple’s App Store to demonstrate the trick-an app can phone home to a remote computer that downloads new unapproved commands onto the device and executes them at will, including stealing the user’s photos, reading contacts, making the phone vibrate or play sounds, or otherwise repurposing normal iOS app functions for malicious ends.

It was logical that Apple removed the application from the Apple and the Miller expelled from the program developers.

                                                                                                                                                                          Via GSMArena


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