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Apple warns about the illegal distribution of iOS Beta version


Last week Apple launched the second beta version of iOS 5.0.1 to developers with a soft warning to developers, that relates to the distribution iDevice operating system. Apple sent emails to developers that the distribution of any kind of material about iOS 5 beta versions may result in termination of your account by the developer and would be vulnerable to civil and criminal processes.

Pre-release software is Apple Confidential Information. Unauthorized distribution of pre-release software or disclosure of information relating to pre-release software (including the distribution of screen shots) May result in immediate termination of your membership Apple Developer Program, and May Subject You to civil and criminal liability Both.


It is the first time Apple sends these notes to developers. Recently we saw growing hundreds of websites which sells UDID spots for a few $ to anyone, once you register your UDID with any iPhone dev account, you are free to install iOS beta version on your iPhone.


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