Jailbreak your iPhone

Siri coming soon to an iPhone 4 near you


At first it was thought that Siri was meant to run on a single A5 processor, Hence the Dev Team said it was not so easy to port to iPhone 4, because to install it on an A4 would have to use Apple’s code, which is illegal. Apparently Gojohnnyboi, iH8sn0w and some other hackers have found that it is not, and have made ​​great strides in carrying the infamous iPhone 4S voice assistant Siri to iPhone 4.


What you see in the video is an iPhone 4 with iOS 5 and installed jailbreak and Cydia, as you see Siri is not very polished, very slow going and leave the iPhone in trouble, but it is only an early stage. The problem now is that the wizard works but does not send the text to the Apple server for this response, so even if the voice recognition work, do not get a reply.


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