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iOS 5 GM to Release on September 23


AppleInsider reports that the disposal of the gold master version of the upcoming iOS 5 manufacturers will be between 23 and 30 September, and final release will be sometime in October along with iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S launch. You may remember that Apple released the seventh version of iOS 5 to developers a couple of weeks ago and introduced new features, suggesting that the final version looks a lot like this and should not be long before the final review or Golden Master. Once this is ready OS will be sent to the manufacturers, particularly at Foxconn who has already begun to produce 150,000 units a day for the next smartphone model.


AppleInsider offers some disappointing information too, according to the analyst claim iPhone 5 will be a slight upgrade from the iPhone 4 offering the same amount of RAM (512MB), much improved antenna to eliminate the so-called "Antenna-gate".

                                                                                                                                                                   [Via AppleInsider ]


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