Jailbreak your iPhone

Someone Already Waiting in Line for the iPhone 5


Does it seem incredible truth? It’s true, people already started queuing to buy the unannounced iPhone 5. They still do not know, has not even been filed yet, and since this will go a few weeks until you can buy. His name is Rob Shoesmith, 29 years old working for Medl Mobile and is at London’s Covent Garden store, but in reality is nothing more than a publicity event.

Before you say it’s about a madman who is bored at home, this man is head of marketing at a company producing applications for the iPhone and everything he does is a publicity campaign. In recent days he received camping equipment worth £ 800, free food from several prestigious restaurants, sanitary products of £ 20,000 plus a Chevrolet that can be used when desired.


Shoesmith plan to use his blog to promote companies who donate products and services to help with his achievement. Everything that can be used after the launch of the iPhone will be donated to charity.

                                                                                                                                                                            via | iClarified



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