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Get your UDID registered to install iOS 5 Beta on your iDevice


With the new iOS 5 announced at WWDC 2011 for all iDevices your iPhone / iPad / iPod will be getting a whole load of new features and a full software makeover. We are sure everyone is super excited to start using all the new features. iOS 5 will only be released this Fall (Around September) but you can use iOS 5 on your iDevice right now.

ios_51Here are a few new features:
– Notifications listed on the home screen
– News Stand
– Full Twitter Integration
– New and improved mobile safari
– Location based reminders
– New iMessage instant messaging
– Mail Improvements
– New Gestures for iPad
– Wireless Syncing with iTunes
– Picture Editing on the iDevice.
– And many many more

So, How do you get to use iOS 5 on your device RIGHT NOW when it’s not released to everyone yet?
Simply head over to http://www.officialunlocks.com/udid.html and register your Device UDID. They charge $9.99 now $6.99  to register your iDevice UDID after which you can load iOS5 Beta on your Registered Device. You will get all the features of iOS 5 on your device but remember that this is a Beta Release and there might be numerous more Beta Releases before the Final iOS 5 is released to the public. When we say "Beta" it means there might be bugs in the software and usually common Bugs are fixed with a new Beta Release from Apple.

Note : Follow official unlocks twitter account (click here)

Few things to remember before upgrading to iOS 5 Beta.

– If your iDevice is Unlocked / Jailbroken , you will lose this as there is no JailBreak / Unlock for iOS 5 at the moment (So if you depend on UltraSn0w for the unlock, please stay away).
– If your iPhone is FACTORY UNLOCKED then it will still remain unlocked so you have nothing to worry (But no Jailbreak Yet).
– Once you upgrade to iOS 5 , you will NOT be able to downgrade to a previous version.
– If there is a new Beta Released by Apple, your existing Beta version will be disabled (This usually happens every few weeks but we don’t know the exact time frame of Beta Releases).
Disclaimer : iHackintosh.com isn’t affiliated with Officialunlocks.com but we can confirm that Officialunlocks.com is a legit company and we personally used their services in past also. They have had good feedback from their customers and we endorse and highly recommend them.


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